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Jason Napier

Carissa has done an amazing job removing hair from my chest and abdomen. She is patient, thorough, efficient, and fantastic at electrolysis. She adjusted well for the work after my initial discomfort. I highly recommend her!


John Rushton ~ 46M

I started a small Business this past summer. It was my first business and I had no idea what I was doing. As the business was failing I called Carissa in a panic one day. She spoke with me for about an hour. During that time, she shared a wealth of wisdom. Her Business Coaching was the most thorough and helpful I received from anyone and I was very grateful.

Lara Edge

In our Business Coaching sessions, Carissa helped me see that the business I was in felt like an obligation to fill an urgent need. Together we created a plan to have me hand over that business to someone excited about it so I could focus on creative work that is my passion and joy. I began to land several new creative work clients including a major contract!


Lucy Keoni ~ Dragonfly Healing Center

Carissa has been critical to my Personal and Business success. While working abroad, I was able to count on her to help sort out essential functions freeing me to focus more on my purpose. I am eternally grateful for her proactiveness and follow through. Carissa is a rare gem.

Erin Armstrong ~ API Wellness 

Carissa put amazing work into her motivational Business and Life Coaching program here at API Wellness. Her energy really showed that this is her passion. We were very lucky to be able to work with her.

Karen Datangel ~ Karen On

Carissa helped me tap into my heart and soul and navigate through my emotions in a budding personal relationship, kindly advising on how to handle the next steps. She is intuitive yet practical, wise, thorough, and personable. She works hard to bring out the best in people and their visions, whether in business or in life. I would highly recommend Carissa and her unique coaching to help make your visions realities.


Rachael Lucas ~ Write For Joy

I was teetering on the verge with my brand new website half-built, stuck as ever in that perfectionist mindset where I so often find myself. I could feel myself slowing down and finding reasons to give up - the negative self-talk was starting. Carissa was there with words of encouragement and strength, which lovingly pushed me out of my safe place. Before I knew it I was sharing my site for everyone to see – that was a HUGE thing for me to do! Thanks to the tribe I’ve realized all I have to do is show up with my best intentions. I’ve been inspired!


Caitlin Lee ~ BodyliciousXo 

Carissa and her panel of experts are cyber space’s REAL DEAL. Straight up with honesty, full of laughter and pushing you to your greatest potential. Supporting you all the way. The Rebelle Roadmap Tribe WILL become your newest addiction.

Lydia Lee ~ Screw The Cubicle 

It's amazing how when we provide value to others, money and clients come in. Love how you've been running the tribe and the effort you give it daily.


Llinos Mai Thomas

I love connecting in the tribe, Carissa is always on hand with great advice and action points. I thought the 'Rebelle' concept was really unique and playful, and the feeling of being part of a tribe is awesome! I was looking for a space to connect where I could be myself, support others and really rock our dreams, and as a rebelle I can do all this.

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