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Carissa Hannigan (She/Her)​

Whether shifts big or small, I've always been a change agent. This has included transitioning to live more authentically as a transwoman. My passion is for personal growth, life design, business, and community building.

My experiences have lead to great empathy for people having the courage to make changes. I decided to become an electrologist as a major avenue for helping people progress in their lives.

My mission and strong desire with electrolysis is to help people reach their goals with hair removal, live more authentically, and improve their well-being. The clinic is an affirming, inclusive environment and friendly, safe space for a variety of people seeking positive change through removing unwanted hair.


I like variety and have had several careers, mainly self-employed. I have a graduate GIS (Geographic Information Systems) certificate, Psychology degree, and wrote a thesis on personality theory. In addition, I have taken coursework in Coaching as well as Non-Profit and Business Management.


My combined background in psychology, technology, sports, breath work, meditation, mindset and business gives me unique training, experience and knowledge. I use this to coach and guide people through the often difficult process of researching, starting and running a business, or making significant life changes.

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